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warning i am about to bitch.

You were warned.

I got a call last night that I had to go into work this morning. They didn't know for how long, or if I was going to be spending the tonight in the woods. The lack of communication in the army cracks me up. People assume that you can't call the higher-ranking sergeants and officers and ask them what is going on. Like they arent human or something. People prefer to run around like a headless chicken until they figure out what to do. I understand the idea of respect, and agree with it. But, rank doesn't mean that a person's ass doesn't stink, and a bullet won't drop him as dead as it will me. The worst part is that thing that could get all of us killed is the lack of communication. Enough of this ramble.

Anyway, I lucked out. I get tonight to be home, and have to go out tomorrow. It is supposed to get pretty cold for NC tonight, low 20's. Tomorrow won't be much warmer, but I will have a little more time to prepare.

It cracks me up that the people at work are so insistent about getting there last use out of me before I leave. There is no reason for me to be in the woods this week. I have a job to do at my desk in the office, and I cant very well do that job when I am out in the middle of the forest. I should be grateful I guess, my contract had me doing this until June... But then again if this were a civilian company I would have gotten double time for the work I did this afternoon.

Pardon the bitch, but I had to release somewhere and the roommate isn't home tonight.

I'll leave with one of my favorite quotes from Hi Fidelity. It makes me laugh. I can use a laugh right now.

"I dont know if we were listening to pop because we were sad, or if we were sad because we were listening to pop."
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