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I'm back

I'm back from my trek to the frigid windy city.

News- my move to chicago is going to take a little longer than expected. I just found out that aurora university closed their campus in chicago a couple of months ago. Rent in aurora is the same as it is in downtown chicago.
Because of this i am going to be shareing a one bedroom apartment with L. (turning the living room into a studio).
When i got back i found that my old fathfull computer had died. something had gone wrong with the motherboard. $300 and one day later i switched from my old P2 233 running windows 95, to an amd duron 800 on windows 98. not too shabby. not that i'll ever need anything this fast.

I have two weeks of work left in the military! On the 30th I go on vacation until feburary 12, do some paperwork for two weeks and you can stick a fork in me. I dont think that anyone who hasn't been through what i've put up with for the last 4 years can even begin to understand how happy this makes me.
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